White Oak Lumber

White Oak lumber facts, availability and prices.

White Oak Specs
Color: White sapwood to light gold heartwood.
Specific Gravity: .60
Hardness 5/5
Workability: Takes stain and finish well. Quite machine/hand workable.
Durability: Good rot resistance.

White Oak Lumber

White Oak has a light golden tone and is one of the densest, strongest of all North American hardwood lumber varieties. It has small pores making it suitable for outdoor uses like fencing and siding as well as indoor uses like flooring, furniture and cabinets.

White Oak is widely used in furniture and cabinet building because of it's exceptional workability and reasonable price.

When quartersawn and rift, White Oak presents a vertical grain pattern with lighter contrasting medularry rays intersecting the grain.

We maintain stocks of quartersawn and rift white Oak as well as live-edged White Oak slabs.

White Oak Gallery

  • sanded, unfinished white oak lumber
  • clear sealed white oak lumber
  • quartersawn white oak lumber

White Oak Pricing

Current White Oak lumber prices are below.

Description Price
White Oak 4/4 thickness $3.00
White Oak 8/4 thickness $4.00
White Oak 12/4 thickness $5.50
Wide Stock White Oak $1.50 +
Kiln dried to between 6 and 8% moisture. Discounts available for larger quantities. Call for details.