Osage Orange Lumber

Osage Orange lumber facts, availability and prices.

Osage Orange Specs
Color: Orange in color with bright yellow sapwood
Specific Gravity: .86
Weight: 54 lbs/ft3
Hardness 5/5
Workability: Very dense and not easily worked.
Stainability: Fair
Range of Red Oak in N. America

Osage Orange Lumber

Osage Orange lumber is among the densest, hottest burning woods in North America. It is often used as fencing because of it's very high degree of rot and insect resistance.

Osage Orange can be identified from similar looking species due to the water soluble yellow dye the wood naturally contains. When placed in water, the liquid will turn yellow.

Because Osage Orange trees are usually small and gnarly, very few make suitable saw logs. For this reason, Osage Orange is considered a specialty lumber and is not widely available from most lumber mills.

If you're looking for dimensional Osage Orange lumber or slabs, give Timber Works a call. Osage Orange bow blanks available by special order.

Osage Orange Gallery

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Description Price
Osage Orange 4/4 thickness $4.00
Osage Orange 8/4 thickness $5.00
Kiln dried to between 6 and 8% moisture. Discounts available for larger quantities. Call for details.