Maximize Your Timber Sale

Get the most for you standing timber from a reputable logging company that employs best practices and exercises care and consideration throughout the logging operation. Timber Works is one of the premier logging companies in the Appalachian region serving Ohio, eastern Kentucky and West Virginia.

A growing logging company and timber buyer

Logging Your Timber

Harvesting your timber is a major decision and should be carefully considered. All logging companies are not created equal. We help you plan the best way to manage your timber. Click here to learn more >>>
Log trucks moving logs

Logging FAQ

Answers to the most common questions landowners have when considering choosing a logging company to harvest their standing timber.

Highly Competitive Timber Pricing

Through aggressively developing markets here and abroad, Timber Works is able to consistently pay prices that exceed the average regional stumpage rates across Ohio and in neighboring states. Click here to learn more about maximizing your timber sale.

For Log Buyers

Click here if your firm is looking for saw logs or veneer.
Trailer Decking
Quartersawn, White Oak trailer decking is strong, durable and reliable. Without treatment or maintenance it will last on your trailers for decades to come.
Glossary of common timber/lumber industry terms and board footage calculator.
Common N American Lumber

Lumber Fact Sheet

Prices, availability and characteristics of common North American hardwoods.
bleached white oak flooring

Custom Flooring

Get exactly what you want with custom milled hardwood flooring from Timber Works.