Butternut Lumber

Butternut lumber facts, availability and prices.

Butternut Specs
Color: Medium to light tan with faintly yellow sapwood
Specific Gravity: .36
Hardness 3/5
Workability: Easily worked by machine/hand
Stainability: Fair

Butternut Lumber

Butternut is sometimes referred to as White Walnut due to its light color yet similar grain pattern.

In fact, the Butternut tree shares the genus Juglans with Black Walnut. The two are very closely related though Butternut is lighter in color, considerably lighter and less dense. Very few lumber yards regularly stock Butternut lumber, and it is a special order item here at Timber Works.

While butternut hasn't been widely used by wood workers in the past, it is growing in popularity due to a color profile centered between the light and dark woods.

Butternut is common throughout the eastern United States and can be identified by its oval shaped fruit whereas the nuts of other members of the Juglans genus such as Black Walnut are round. Butternut exhibits relatively poor rot resistance due to its open pores and is also prone to insect damage.

When quartersawn, Butternut has subtle, vertical markings with fairly consistent color and tone. It ages to a medium brown color. Contact us today to check our Butternut lumber availability.

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Butternut Lumber Pricing

Current Butternut lumber prices are below.

Description Price
Butternut 4/4 thickness $5.00
Butternut 8/4 thickness $6.00
Wide Stock Butternut $1.50 +
Kiln dried to between 6 and 8% moisture. Discounts available for larger quantities. Call for details.