Hard Maple Lumber

Hard Maple lumber facts, availability and prices.

Hard Maple Specs
Color: Very light. Darker knots.
Specific Gravity: .56
Hardness 4.5/5
Workability: Good considering high density.
Durability: Not weather resistant.

Hard Maple Lumber

Both the sapwood and heartwood of Hard Maple lumber is very workable and commonly used in furniture, veneer, flooring, cutting boards, butcher blocks and more.

Hard Maple is versatile and takes stains and finishes very well. It is highly sought after for its soft tone, beautiful grain and superb markings.

When slabbed, Hard Maple is striking due to the contrast of it's rough bark against the light tone of the wood.

Hard Maple Gallery

  • sanded, unfinished hard maple lumber
  • clear sealed hard maple lumber
  • hard maple burl

Hard Maple Lumber Pricing

Current Hard Maple lumber prices are below.

Description Price
Hard Maple 4/4 thickness $2.85
Hard Maple 8/4 thickness $3.85
Kiln dried to between 6 and 8% moisture. Discounts available for larger quantities. Call for details.