Reclaimed Lumber

Repurpose lumber from one of Ohio's many historic barns and structures.

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quartersawn lumber from timber works

Dimensional Lumber

Timber Works is your source for green or kiln-dried dimensional hardwood lumber boards. Ohio and the midwest region at large are full of 19th century era wooden barns crafted from the high quality virgin timber that once filled the North American continent. In fact, the overwhelming majority of late 19th and early 20th century barns in the midwest were constructed primarily of old growth White Oak.

Dimensional Lumber
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Hardwood Slabs

Check out our inventory of beautiful, wide, live-edge hardwood slabs in Walnut, White Oak and more!

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Custom Flooring

Get exactly what you want with custom milled hardwood flooring from Timber Works.

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Repurposing Historic Structures

Reclaimed White Oak is a favorite material of wood workers, furniture makers and many other craftsmen.

As many of these incredible buildings fall into disrepair, property owners are often left with a choice between costly repairs or allowing further wear, possibly creating issues with safety and the environment.

There are a number of area companies that carefully disassemble these impressive old structures and sell the resulting beams to lumber companies like Timber Works.

Once delivered, we sort the beams, resawing some of them while leaving others in tact for reuse in contemporary structures.

Regardless of whether or not they have been resawn, all of these materials are promptly kiln-dried to ensure they are free of insects, larvae and other potential problems that may arise from indoor use.

Resawing old growth timber such as what comes from historic barns provides a finished lumber product with much tighter, stronger grain than most of the lumber available in the market today. For this reason, reclaimed White Oak is a favorite material of wood workers, furniture makers and many other craftsmen.

Reclaimed Lumber Tells a Story

Increasingly, reclaimed lumber is becoming a staple in the homes and offices of conservation-minded individuals as hardwood flooring, molding, built-in-furniture and other hardwood design elements. There are few materials as capable of conveying a story through the finished piece or space as old growth, reclaimed lumber.