Kiln Dried Lumber

Timber Works sells quality kiln-dried lumber. The kiln-drying process is an important step if your intention is to use lumber for furniture or flooring indoors.

Properly kiln-drying lumber involves maintaining strict control of temperature, relative humidity and airflow within the kiln. Through the careful monitoring of these factors, we are able to uniformly dry lumber down to whatever level is necessary for your application.

Kiln drying lumber in this manner eliminates the many problems of dimensional change that come with moisture variations in hardwood lumber.

Efficient de-humidification kilns dry lumber evenly to 6 to 8 percent moisture content.

Timber Works offers the latest in de-humidification kiln technology to our customers.

Our ultra efficient kilns dry your lumber quickly and consistently while minimizing the internal drying stress of your hardwood lumber. Whatever the species or thickness, we can dry your lumber to perfect industry specifications efficiently and affordably.

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