White Oak Trailer Decking

When it comes time to redeck your trailer, don’t overpay at the local lumber yard. Let Ohio Timber Works custom cut your trailer decking out of beautiful, stable White Oak. You’ll save money and the resulting deck will provide years and years of reliable service. Read more

Kiln Drying Reclaimed Lumber

kiln drying lumber

When properly managed, the North American hardwood forest is one of the most renewable resources we have.

Further, utilizing American hardwood lumber in design and building projects provides near permanent carbon sequestration in the products the hardwood is turned into. Read more »

Design Trend: Beetle Kill Wood

beautiful beetle kill wood

Beetle Kill Wood is the result of one of a growing number of detrimental beetle populations attacking evergreen and deciduous trees alike. The mountain pine beetle is the specific culprit and unusual weather patterns have resulted in an explosion in their population in the western forest. It is proving especially fatal to populations of Lodgepole pines native to most western states. Salvaged lumber from these killed trees is a growing design trend among architects in California to Colorado and beyond. Read more »

Firewood and Sawdust

firewood pile

If you’re looking for firewood or sawdust in central Ohio, look no further than Timber Works. Because we process thousands of board feet per year, we have a steady supply of high quality, low priced hardwood scraps for firewood and hardwood sawdust for bedding and composting amendments. Read more »