Firewood and Sawdust

firewood pile
At Timber Works we process thousands of board feet of hardwood lumber each month. Turning hardwood logs into quality, kiln-dried lumber necessarily produces a great deal of scrap wood, sawdust and wood shavings. While we haul portions of this scraps to paper manufacturers, there is a great deal that we are left to pass along to the public. Because our scrapwood is composed almost entirely of White Oak, it burns hotter than most other hardwood lumber in Ohio. Even better, we'll let you take home a truckload of hardwood scraps or sawdust for only $25. Scraps are perfect for central Ohioans heating their homes with wood burning furnaces and our sawdust makes cheap, effective bedding.

Local delivery available for a small fee. Call Timber Works today!

Note: Split, seasoned hardwood firewood will be available by the cord starting this Fall.

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