Reforestation Services

Change species composition, attract wild life.

We care greatly about respecting and protecting our timber resources for the enjoyment of future generations. Proper forest management is critical to achieving this goal and in keeping with this ethic, we proudly offer a number of complimentary and optional services following a logging job.

Reforestation Services

The way you leave a timber harvest has a direct and significant impact on the future vitality of a forest.

The way you leave a timber harvest has a direct and significant impact on the future vitality of a forest. Timber Works provides log road reseeding to prevent soil erosion following timbering, as well as optional top removal and reforestation services.

The type of responsible, plan-based timber harvesting practiced by Timber Works doesn’t require reforestation—because we only harvest mature, high-value timber, the forest is left with better prospects for future growth and vitality than when we arrive.

Possible exceptions to this rule have occured when a timber stand contained a high percentage of Ash trees that were removed preemptively due to the rapidly spreading Emerald Ash Borer, or when the landowner is especially concerned with the future species composition of his woods. In general, a properly logged woods will self-regenerate over time and should be left with sufficient canopy to keep invasive species’ at bay.

In the case of large Ash removals, when a large amount of the canopy has been cleared brush, stickers and invasive species’ such as Honeysuckle can creep in, potentially limiting the forests ability to regenerate naturally.

To ensure proper canopy regeneration after such a harvest, or simply to begin the transition of a stand to a different composition of timber, reforestation might be appropriate.

Though we don’t typically recommend such interventions, we’re pleased to offer professional reforestation services to our timber owners.

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