Professional Logging Contractor

Supplying saw logs and veneer to the wood products industry.

Not all the timber we purchase is suitable for processing at our mill. As a result, many of the trees we harvest are brokered to various hardwood and forest industry companies throughout the United States and in growing foreign markets. We work with veneer buyers and international wood products companies alike.

Raw Inputs for Wood Product Firms

Timber Works has the infrastructure and know-how to ship the logs you need fast. We are capable of delivering logs via road freight, rail or ship-container to destinations in the United States and abroad.

If you're looking for a consistent supplier of saw logs, veneer sticks or pallet grade material, check out Timber Works. We specialize in supplying high quality walnut veneer and saw logs, as well as walnut table-top logs and slab stock.

Give us a call today to discuss pricing and transportation options from our log yard to your company's shipping department.

Note: This page is intended for industrial log buyers, not timber owners.