A Guide To Selling Your Timber

Harvesting timber on your property is an important decision that should be considered thoughtfully. The logging company you choose will directly influence the condition in which your woods is left, as well as the amount of income you earn from the timber sale.

Timber Works is a premier logging company and timber company serving the greater Ohio and border regions in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana.

Our logging company employs the highest industry standards for conducting logging and timber harvest operations. This ensures minimizing our impact in the woods during harvest while maximizing the future value of your timber stand.

Highly Competitive Timber Pricing

Through aggressively developing markets here and abroad, Timber Works is able to consistently pay prices that exceed the average regional stumpage rates across Ohio and in neighboring states.

Never sign a contract selling “all marketable timber” to a logging company.

Never sign a contract selling “all marketable timber” to a logging company.

Even though 80% of the value of your timber lies in only 20% of the trees, some loggers will pressure you to cut trees that just aren’t ready to harvest. Because Timber Works hopes to cultivate a relationship with land owners that will facilitate timber harvests now and in the future, our company will only select trees that are truly mature and ready for logging. If you desire to balance financial considerations with the health and continued productivity of your standing timber, this is the only way to conduct a harvest.

In addition to getting you a good return for your timber harvest, proper forest management will open up the canopy of a woods allowing smaller, less mature trees to fill out and add considerable width, allowing these small trees to exponentially increase in volume over the years following a harvest.

Properly managed, a stand of timber can be harvested again and again without negatively impacting its health. Thinning a forest in this manner actually improves the rate of growth and carbon sequestration potential of the stand.

Siviculture, the practice of selectively removing trees over a series of successive harvests, achieves a robust mixture of age and species representation within the stand and pays dividends ecologically.

Uneven-aged forests are superior at carbon sequestration, have a higher vertical structure—critical to a variety of bird and mammal species’ and produce a more consistent, higher-value flow of timber products than forests harvested by even-aged silviculture or, obviously, commercial clear cutting.

Low Impact Logging

Our trained loggers work hard to ensure a low impact harvest. Our logging crews are experts at maintaining a clean, orderly site and preventing damage such as soil erosion during the timber harvest. If necessary, we even reseed logging roads upon harvest completion.

We buy timber throughout Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. We offer a full variety of logging and forest management services including reforestation and habitat restoration. Trust Timber Works to help you manage your timber!

What To Expect

Whether conducting the assessment or completing the logging process, Timber Works strives to inform and educate our customer throughout the entire process.

If you’re curious and want a better idea of what will take place at a standing timber assessment, take a look at our blog articles Estimating Standing Timber Volume and Estimating Standing Timber Value. These blogs explain the process of measuring and grading standing timber and shed some light on the process we go through to determine its value.

If you’re looking to sell your standing timber, give Timber Works a call today to schedule your no hassle timber assessment.

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