Kiln-Dried, Hardwood Slabs

kiln dried hardwood slabs
Beautiful, Hardwood Slabs from Ohio Timber Works Natural surfaces and character grade lumber are increasingly appearing in home and modern office design. Utilizing hardwood lumber in this raw, minimally-processed state anchors whatever object the slab becomes to the tree it once was, and is a powerful tool for any designer or craftsman. Live-edged, hardwood slabs make a bold statement and add instant content to any project. We cut live-edge, natural hardwood slabs from many N. American species including Black Walnut, Cherry, White Oak, Red Oak, Mineral Stained (Rainbow) Poplar, Hard Maple, and more. When cutting slabs, we embrace the imperfections and natural character of the lumber. Because we keep the bark and sap edges in tact, there are even occasional insect holes and bisected walnuts. Once cut, all of our slabs are kiln dried and machine-planed to even out the thickness and surface of the slabs. The slabs are then stickered and stored in a climate controlled environment where they acclimate to an equilibrium moisture content. Whether you're looking for a rustic, live edged slab or a perfectly dimensional kiln-dried slab, we can help you find the perfect hardwood lumber slab(s) for your design project. For more information about our hardwood lumber slabs, visit our lumber fact sheet.

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