Kiln-Dried Hickory Flooring

hickory flooring
We have about 1,500 sq. ft. of beautiful, tongue-in-groove hickory flooring for sale. Manufactured from professionally quarter sawn and kiln-dried hickory lumber, we've priced it to move at $3.75 per square foot! As with all of our custom hardwood flooring, the combination of careful quarter sawing and precise kiln drying ensure the stability and durability of this Hickory. Width's of this flooring range between 3 and 6 inches and it is around 10' long on average. This custom hickory flooring is longer and wider than the hickory flooring sold by big box retailers. This provides both aesthetic and structural benefits. This stock is perfect if you're looking for a hardwood floor that has unique, rustic character. Hickory ranges in color from pale white sap wood to golden brown heartwood and fits well with a wide range of styles and decors. Call us while it lasts!

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