Black Walnut Prices Remain Strong

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The market for Black Walnut timber continues to impress, reaching highs in many markets.

At Timber Works, we specialize in Black Walnut and are known for paying some of the highest prices in the state and beyond for good stands of Walnut timber.

You can trust Timber Works to pay you the highest price around for your Black Walnut timber! We buy both Walnut saw logs and veneer trees and are able to beat out competitive bids due to our close relationship with Walnut end users. We have international markets for veneer logs and can pay landowners impressive prices for their Black Walnut veneer.

A Strong Black Walnut Market

Black Walnut looks great in both quarter sawn and plain sawn varieties, and has always been a popular export product to Europe and East Asia.
Black Walnut has long been one of the more market-fluctuation-resistant species of hardwood timber. It is prized for its rich, dark color and interesting grain patterns. For this reason, Black Walnut is sought after for use in fine furniture, flooring, cabinetry and other high design purposes. Black Walnut looks great in both quarter sawn and plain sawn varieties, and has always been a popular export product to Europe and East Asia. While there are natural price fluctuations in the going rate of all species of North American Hardwood, Black Walnut has always been relatively immune to the most drastic of these fluctuations.

Good Prospects for Continued Growth

As popularity for this already sought-after hardwood continues to improve both domestically and internationally, Walnut prices have soared commanding their highest prices in years.

There is good reason to believe that the bull market in Walnut will continue, which is why it's especially important to do your homework when selling valuable stands of Black Walnut trees. We're known for paying some of the highest prices for standing Walnut timber in the state and beyond.

Give Timber Works a call today for a no obligation quote on your timber.

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  1. I only have five or six very large walnut trees that I would like to sell. I know you usually want more trees, but that’s all I have. I live in the Akron area, and would like to know what I can do with these trees. It’s not that I’m wanting to get rid of the trees, it’s just that I need the money from them.

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  3. I have (I’m guessing) from 10 to 12 fairly mature Walnut trees on our 156 acre farm. And a number of marketable Cherry trees as well, that i would like to sell on the stump.
    The walnut trees are hither and yon. Not all together. If not interested in Cherry, that’s okay. Coshocton County.
    Would you be interested?

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    Nicholas can you send your contact info to us. Just text the number at the top of the screen and we can arrange an assessment on your timber.

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    Hey Ronnie. We’ve reached out to you regarding your timber. Thank you for contacting Timber Works!

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    Hey Darryl thank you for contacting timber works. Unfortunately, we cannot come out for single trees. Good luck.

  7. Do you know of anyone who would come out for a very large, mature, black walnut tree to purchase from me?

  8. I have several large walnut trees that I will be logging on my farm. 5 to 10 large ones. Would you be interested in purchasing?

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  10. I have a particular of walnut Verner and saw logs taking bids on until Mar 29 located in Scottsville ky have a 26ft by 23dia good looking log my ph no 270 622 1405 Roger

  11. I have a black walnut that I am going to sell in the next few weeks that is 96 inches around and 14ft to the first limb

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