Liability, Insurance and Logging

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Logging timber is among the most dangerous, accident prone professions on the planet. Every day loggers work with falling trees, heavy rolling logs, steep inclines, heavy equipment and chainsaws! The safety of our crew and insulating the landowners we harvest for from needless liability is at the top of the Timber Works' priority list. Further, ensuring a safe work site is the most important component of ensuring the well-being and safety of our loggers. That's why Timber Works utilizes best management practices on all of our sites. In addition, we observe all OSHA safety regulations and guidelines in accordance with maintaining a safe, accident-free work site.

Striving to Maintain a Safe Timber Harvest

Still, even when observing the stricktest safety standards, accidents can occasionally happen.
Ensuring our crews, equipment and the property of our landowners are safe throughout the logging process is our highest priority. There are specific actions taken by the crews of Timber Works to help with this goal. For instance, our logging crews are required to wear protective leather chaps, hard hats as well as highly visible shirts made of "safety colors." We also place highly visible signs that warn landowners and neighbors of the nature of the work taking place in the woods. Literally every aspect of the logging process is designed to minimize risk to our crew and anyone in contact with the site. Still, even when observing the strictest safety standards, accidents can occasionally happen. That's why it is essential that whatever logging company you choose to harvest your timber be fully licensed and insured.

Carrying Full Insurance Coverages Just in Case

Timber Works carries a full suite of liability insurances aimed at protecting both our interests as well as those of the landowners throughout the cutting, dragging and hauling process of the logs harvested.

Our liability insurance is specifically tailored to logging offering protection against property damage, fires, equipment accidents or injuries. While it is unfortunately quite common for logging companies to be under-insured and to lack workers compensation, Timber Works carries full workers compensation coverage against workplace injuries for our employees and our subcontractors—a rarity among our industry.

Taken together, our robust insurance coverage fully protects us and you against liability issues associated with harvesting your timber. This is just one of many ways Timber Works goes the extra mile for our customers and land owners.

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