Beautiful Walnut Slabs

black walnut slab table with metal base
Black Walnut is among the best hardwood varieties in North America to make slabs out of. It's beautiful, dark tone pairs is outlined by a thin layer of light colored sapwood to create an exciting contrast and unique, visually-interesting design. Black Walnut slabs are being increasingly utilized for things such as table tops, counter tops, as accents over entries and an untold number of other creative ways. When finished, Black Walnut becomes dark brown and has an intense grain pattern.

Natural Hardwood Slabs

If you're looking for live-edge slabs, the best trees are always cut in the winter when the sap has fallen. During this period the bark is a great deal more stable and resilient to breaking and chipping off. While it is impossible to guarantee that 100% of the bark remains firmly attached to the log slices, Winter cut logs offer the highest chances of success. The best way to ensure the bark edge endures time and wear we recommend customers use a two part thick epoxy coating over the entire piece of lumber. While this ensures the bark remains on the slab, it does give the piece a high-gloss finish.

A more minimalist approach is to use straight linseed oil and embrace the natural inconsistency of the bark. Linseed oil creates a warm, water-resistant surface that complements the natural beauty of the wood.

Dimensional Hardwood Slabs

While our natural slabs are visually dynamic and give a strong sense of the tree design and form, we also produce dimensional slabs at standard sizes or with custom dimensions depending on your design needs. In the past customers have requested that one edge be straight-lined. Straight-lining is a process whereby we pass a piece of lumber through a special saw which produces a straight edge on one side of the board. This process is particularly useful when a customer wishes to install a live-edge slab flush against the wall. Check out our lumber fact sheet for more information about hardwood lumber from Timber Works.

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  1. I’m looking for a wood slab approx. 60″ to 72″ long by 24″ to 28″ wide to make a counter height table out of. Curious as to what you had in stock, prices, pictures, etc…I’m in the Cincinnati area with a 1993 F150 with a 8′ bed so I could transport myself. Thanks for your time. Hoping to move quick as anniversary is in 4 weeks and this is to be my wife’s present.

    Thanks, Scott

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