How Much is My Standing Timber Worth

white oak logs
The value of standing timber depends greatly on the tree species and the market prices of hardwood lumber. Further, within a given species, there is a great deal of variability in the value of the resulting lumber, and therefore the tree itself. For instance, the right veneer Black Walnut can bring upwards of $8 per board foot while a low grade walnut currently only brings around 89 cents. Recognizing the difference between the two is more complicated than you might think and unscrupulous loggers often take advantage of this lack of knowledge when interacting with land owners. A comprehensive timber harvesting plan can go a long way towards answering the question of what your standing timber is worth, ensuring the future vitality of your woods and earning you the most money possible for your harvested trees. A properly developed plan will balance the financial needs of the land owner with the health and continued productivity of their timber stand. We talk through the entire process with the timber owner, answering any of their questions and making unbiased, honest recommendations about which trees should, or shouldn't, be harvested. Never let a logging company pressure to sign a contract for "all marketable timber" unless you want your woods pillaged and stagnated for years to come. Like other agricultural goods, there is an optimal range during which a tree should be harvested. That's why we mark every tree we plan on harvesting prior to cutting any of them. We decide which trees are marked based entirely upon goals and expectations of the land owner. Responsible harvesting is paramount to the future of your timber stand as well as our industry at large. Timber Works strives to treat your property with the respect, care and concern for the future it deserves. We harvest timber throughout Ohio, Indiana, W. Virginia and Kentucky. The forest is one of the few resources which, properly managed, is truly sustainable. Click here to learn more about logging and forestry management from Timber Works. Contact us for a free assessment of your standing timber.

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  1. we have mature black walnut trees in our yard. we are interested in selling them. We live in Huber Heights, Ohio. I look forward to hearing from you. I do not have voice mail set up on my phone. I can call your company at whatever time you email me to do so.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    We rarely buy yard trees because of their tendency to contain metal and the difficulty often involved in their removal. In exceptional cases we have bought yard trees of high value after determining they were metal free. Can you email some pictures to nathan@ohiotimberworks.com?

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