Emerald Ash Borer

emerald ash borer damage
Is Emerald Ash Borer coming to my woods? The unfortunate answer is yes, and fast! The Ohio DNR estimates there are more than 250 million Ash trees still growing naturally throughout Ohio's forests and planted ornamentally in the Urban forests throughout the state. Down from over a billion just a few years ago, the emerald ash borer is the invasive species to blame for the losses. After it's introduction from Asia in the 1990s, emerald ash borer has spread steadily from Michigan to Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and beyond. This foreign species attacks all four of Ohio's Ash tree varieties and multiplies aggressively. The sad truth is that within 11 years of being introduced into a geographic area, emerald ash borer decimates the locations Ash tree population. While there are options for treating a limited number of trees, on a forest-wide scale treatment is impractical and most timber owners have opted to harvest their ash timber stands before the borer destroys their commercial value entirely. When faced with total Ash population destruction, we advise our customers to implement a cut and reforestation strategy. Such a plan delivers the full value of the Ash stand to customers before it is substantially reduced by the borer, while giving the forest a boost in re-growth. As the borer moves throughout the central Ohio forests it is important to act soon. Ash trees left in its path are killed and left with no commercial value. Contact Ohio Timber Works today for a free assessment of your woods. Click here to learn more about the forest management services offered by Ohio Timber Works. For more information on Emerald Ash Borer, visit the information page at the Ohio DNR website.

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