Forest Management Services

standing hardwoods trees in north america

A Customer Oriented Logging Company

If you're looking for a logging company that cares about protecting the forest for future productivity and enjoyment as much as you do, then consider allowing Ohio Timber Works to handle your forest management needs. Our forest management practices give total control to the timber owner regarding which types of trees are harvested and how much is harvested. We explain principles of forest regrowth and timber markets to allow the land owner to make an informed, responsible decision about how their woods is harvested. What's even better is that when harvesting is complete, Ohio Timber Works provides free log road reseeding and optional tree-top removal and/or mulching. Don't be sold by a suave but irresponsible logger. Ohio Timber Works maintains the highest standard of logging and forest management practices because we care about the forest, our community and most importantly our reputation as a leader among responsible logging companies. Our crews have managed logging jobs in Springfield, Dayton, Columbus and many other Ohio cities.For more information about logging from Ohio Timber Works, visit our forest management page. Contact us today for a no hassle assessment of your timber stand.

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