Custom Cut Oak Trailer Decking

Don’t pay lumber yard prices for your trailer decking! When it comes time to redeck, choose custom cut Quartersawn White Oak from Ohio Timber Works.

Our Quartersawn White Oak has superior strength and stability verses flat sawn lumber. Plus, at prices below $3 per board foot for green, our Quartersawn Oak is both superior and more affordable than lumber you get from a big box store.

Trailer decking from Ohio Timber Works can be cut to any dimensions or specifications. When you order your decking from us, we will cut it to the exact lengths you need at thicknesses sturdy enough to haul any sized load.

Many of our customers prefer undried lumber for their trailer decking though kiln-drying is also available for your decking order. Since White Oak has relatively small pores, weather treating is not strictly necessary—the lumber you get from us will last a long time. However, many of our customers choose to apply weather sealer to their lumber before decking to ensure the longest life possible.

Contact Ohio Timber Works for a quick quote on re-decking your trailer with stable, reliable Quartersawn White Oak lumber.

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    Timber Works

    Very heavy duty Annie. Quartersawn white oak is among the strongest materials available for trailer decking.

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